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Zagreb Boat Show 2016

The „Zagreb Boat Show“ took place from the 17th until the 21st of Frebruary 2016 in Zagreb which is one of the biggest boat shows in Croatia anyway. Our business partner Surfmania attended the Show with a huge booth! They did not spare any efforts and created a colorful booth. You can see it for yourself on the pictures underneath. 

On the “Zagreb Boat Show” Surfmania presented some of the biggest waterpark elements from Aquaglide Platinum series like the Aquaglide Freefall Supreme which is a huge slide where you can slide down and on the other side you can climb up easily. Besides that, they presented as well Aquaglides biggest Trampoline – Supertramp 23 on the booth. You can use the 
Aquaglide Supertramp 23 either for bouncing  up to 1,5m or just for relaxing on the water. 

Furthermore they have shown some of the latest Aquaglide Kayaks and the Aquaglide Rockit Jr. which is a top for up to 4 persons. 

The boat show in Zagreb was really a success! We would like to thank all visitors for visiting our booth! We really look forward to meet you there again next year.

Have all a really good summer…

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