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Cyrille Lemoine Jetpilot Teamrider

Cyrille Lemoine and his Story about the P1Aquax Championship in Miami.

Hello everyone. 

Last weekend the opening of P1Aquax Championship took place in Miami. The Marine Stadium is a mythical and perfect for a jet racing. I arrived in Florida on Thursday to go to Riva Pompano and to do some testing on my new Yamaha GP 1800 prepared by Riva racing. The tests have been very successful. The jet is even better than last year. Personally I feel pretty good despite a real lack of training after my shoulder operation just a few months... 

Friday towards the Miami Marine Stadium for registration and technical inspection.

Saturday briefing at 9 am. It's always a little hard on the 3 hour time difference from California. Then the program, the first race at 14:30 that lasts 30 minutes plus one lap. 

Unfortunately, despite good organization everything is turned upside down because of a pod of dolphins who decided to take advantage of the circuit as well. The race was postponed until further notice.



Sunday spell persists. A storm comes in the morning with flashes which prevents us to go on the water. The time eventually work out. We are over 35 pilots to rush. Let's go. I take a very average start but thanks to a "brake" more than the late HoleshotI managed to turn in 4th position. I feel pretty good on the jet. I begin to fight for the 3rd place but after 15 minutes of running the inevitable happened. I knew this race was a month too soon after my shoulder operation. So I had no strength in his right hand. It was impossible to hold the jet correctly. I preferred to drop down a bit to play it safe and avoid going to the fault. The level is high and does not allow to run at 80%. I passed by a few riders and I finished only 8th place. A course disappointing for me but I knew very well that I lacked a bit of time in my physical program. All these hazards have played in my favor because having been a single race I only took a few small points behind the leader.

The next step is in two months in St. Pete Florida leaving me this time to be 100% ready and this time to play to win. A thousand thank you to everyone who supported me all these years. 


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