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You can almost purchase all articles about watersports from us. A special focus has been placed on Wakeboarding but we are also able to offer you articles like Waterskis, Jetski-Equipment, Aquaparks and new Trendsports like Stand up Paddling.

We are able to deliver everything around: wakeboards, wakeboard bindings, wakeskates, surfer, gloves, ropes and handles, boardwear, streetwear, accessories, fashion, T-shirts, boardshorts, bikinis, lycras, Hoodies, boardshirts, x-mini speakers, neoprene shortys, neoprene overalls, neoprene tops, neoprene vests, impact or impact protection vests, nylon vests, jetski-equipment, balancetrainers, waterski, comboski, monoski, wakeski, trickski, kneeboards, tubes, lounges, multisport, stand up Paddling (SUP), Aquaparks, water trampolines, bananas, mirrors, waterski-racks, ballast bags, tower, seajet bladefish and much more.

If you need more information, catalogues or dealer prices please do not hesitate to contact us. The P.O.D. Team will assist you and answer your questions about water skiing, wakeboarding, neoprene and much more.


So that the dealer network all over Europe can be managed, you have a highly motivated team on your side to assist you.

The POD International team consists of specialists in aquaparks, waterparks, waterskiing, wakeboarding, neoprene and accessories all around water, so the best possible care can be ensured in technical matters. The team is completed by marketing professionals, sales staff and product managers who fully stand up for the brands and products.

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